rayoptics.gui.roafile module

Read an .roa file and return a OpticalModel instance

preprocess_roa(file_name, str_replacements)[source]

Read and preprocess raw roa text file, returning preprocessed text.

postprocess_roa(opt_model, file_path, **kwargs)[source]

Post processing for raw optical_model, including sync_to_restore.

save_updated_roa(file_path: Path, opt_model)[source]

rename file_path to file_path_version# and save new file_path version

open_roa(file_name, mapping=None, **kwargs)[source]

open a ray-optics file and populate an optical model with the data

  • file_name (str) – a filename with a .roa extension

  • mapping – dict mapping old modules to new. If None, use module_repl_050


if successful, an OpticalModel instance, otherwise, None