Version 0.8.7

Get dependencies correct for Python 3.8 on conda-forge and ReadTheDocs. Last release for Python 3.8

Version 0.8.6

Implement a DiffractionGrating with ray trace and opd calculations. Add ability to draw single rays and control their color. Fix issues 102 (defocus application), 107 (Zemax import), 110 (defocus and image shift), 114 (Zemax import), 115 (ray aiming), 124 (immersed image), 125 (Zemax constant index), 127 (model modifications), 138 (local loggers). There were a variety of small fixes and improvements, e.g. to listobj(). Thanks to @mpetroff and @dominikonysz for their contributions to ray-optics.

Version 0.8.5

Fix crashing issue #101. Adjustments to the medium package. Remove many work files that weren’t in the repo.

Version 0.8.4

Improve add_surface() handling of materials and semi-diameter. Maintenance work on ray trace related issues, esp. aperture handling for list and grid traces. Move functionality in medium into the opticalglass package and update code. Remove jupyterlab and ipympl from the installation. These should be installed as desired by the user. Fix a ray trace bug in XToroid profile; other miscellaneous bug fixes. Revise doc to use RTD yaml file; other doc updates.

Version 0.8.3

Add set_pupil() function to set the pupil specification based on the aperture stop size. Add a hole feature to Element and Mirror. InteractiveLayout will draw holes but they haven’t yet been included in the sequential model or the ray trace. The add_surface() method was fixed and enhanced to take additional inputs for materials and allow use of a sd keyword argument to specify the semi-diameter of the surface. A variety of bug fixes were made to import and saving of models as well as other fixes; see the update log for specifics. All of the .roa files on the distro were restored and saved with the current version. At the same time, the long deprecated Pupil and Field enums were removed from the code. Finally, the build and packaging of ray-optics was updated to use current python technologies.

Version 0.8.2

Fixes to drawing cemented element flats when the inner surfaces intersect the outer flats. Accept URLs from the OpticalBench database as arguments to open_model(). Enhance listobj() output for SequentialModel and Gap. Bump pyqt5 compatibility to v5.15.

Version 0.8.1

Major review and cleanup of the raytr package. Moved wave aberration calculations and support to new module waveabr.

Integrate point_inside() query into the ray trace and add a new ray trace exception, TraceRayBlockedError. Use this to implement a pupil ray-based vignetting calculation and provide set_vignetting() to set the vignetted pupil rays for each field point and the companion function, set_apertures(), to set clear apertures based on the vignetted pupils at each field. to clear aperture. These new calculations are in the vigcalc module.

The addition of the set_vignetting function uncovered a bug in the ray plots; they didn’t handle the case of needing to overfill the paraxial entrance pupil in wide angle lenses. The ray plots, RayFanFigure and RayFanPlot, were updated to correctly display overfilled pupils, and an example lens was added to demonstrate the issue.

A bug affecting the display of flats on concave surfaces was fixed. The cell phone lens example was updated to explain some of the controls added for greater control over lens element display.

Numerous updates to the documentation.

Version 0.8.0

Add flip() function to OpticalModel. Can flip a range of surfaces, flip an element or an assembly.

Added Part as an ABC for elements, et al, and added an Assembly class allow groups of Parts. Parts and Profiles are now saved and restored correctly.

Revise update_model() operation, including splitting out derived property calculations into a separate update_optical_properties() function. Added src_model keyword to update_model so that submodels can filter on who originated the update.

Upgrade the \(\omega-\overline{\omega}\) diagram to support the layer view control used in the \(y-\overline{y}\) diagram. An assembly layer was added to the diagrams. The object/image conjugate shift on \(y-\overline{y}\) diagram was fixed for the case of a virtual object.

Add analysis_results dictionary to submodels maintained by the OpticalModel. Move first order data there under keyword parax_data. Going forward, this is the natural place to put results from the different evaluators in the analyses module.

Removed convoluted ray offset calculation for InteractiveLayout and let the view bounds handle it. Included the effect of defocus in transverse aberration plots (fixes bug in implementation).

Version 0.7.5

Implemented a formatted object output protocol, the listobj_str() method, that returns a formatted, descriptive string about the object’s contents. This supersedes the use of listobj as a per-class method (see 0.7.1 release notes). This protocol was implemented in particular for profiles and parts of the optical specification. Added a console print function listobj() that will work with objects that implement a listobj_str() method; the fallback is to invoke repr(obj). Thanks to @asebian and @rlabs-oss for their issue reports and @dibyendumajumdar for continued discussions.

Version 0.7.4

Pass 2 on the \(y-\overline{y}\) diagram layer capability. Handle thick elements and include a top level ‘sys’ layer. Fix insertion of system from file. Add support for models from the OpticalBenchHub portion of Bill Claff’s PhotonsToPhotos website. Support odd polynomial surfaces in Zemax import. Added additional control over the use of flats when drawing lens elements, see ray-optics notebook Cell Phone lens for an example. Thanks also to @wuffi for contributing 2 fixes to make the interactive ray-optics app more robust.

Version 0.7.3

Miscellaneous bug fixes, see check-in comments.

Version 0.7.2

Add RayFans to interactive layout. Add a multiple layer \(y-\overline{y}\) diagram capability. Works well for thin lens systems. Systems with thick lenses (e.g. Double Gauss) don’t work well. Fixes in the analyses module include getting the sign right for defocused transverse aberrations and using the image gap distance instead of parax img_dist for reference sphere definition. Miscellaneous fixes.

Version 0.7.1

Switch to use of strings for DecenterType and DimensionType. Use of the types is now deprecated. Add listobj() methods to all profiles classes that lists all of the data for each profile type. Completed the fix of opticalglass issue #5 by using difflib to find better matches; seems to almost eliminate need for .smx files. Provided an alternative replacement glass spec for .smx files that requires just the glass and catalog names. Miscellaneous other fixes.

Version 0.7.0

Add PartTree to OpticalModel. Many changes to get SequentialModel, ElementModel and PartTree to work in sync. Add CementedElement element to elements module. Fix paraxial image distance calculation. Fix DOE implementation for DOE on exiting side of element. Add fractional field height specification to FieldSpec. Add a mapping interface to OpticalModel and OpticalSpecs; allows submodel access like opm[‘sm’] and opm[‘osp][‘fov’]. Add reverse_path() method to facilitate reverse ray tracing through the model. Add semi-diameter to list of items in add_surface() method. Add exception handling for ray trace errors in analyses module. Many miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Version 0.6.5

Fixes for ray normal calculation in Even and Radial polynomial profiles, the ray trace was incorrect for these surfaces. Add do_aperture flag to SequentialModel to control aperture setting by update_model(). Miscellaneous other fixes and enhancements.

Version 0.6.4

Rework analysisfigure module to better separate axis vs figure functions. Simplify default layout options, but support more complicated layouts as needed. Correctly update the model when dropping a glass onto the \(y-\overline{y}\) diagram. Fix issue #18 and update documentation.

Version 0.6.3

Fixes for aspheric ray intersection calculation, implemented by reworking the profiles module. Generalize the create_mirror() fct to accept a SurfaceProfile instance in addition.

Version 0.6.2

Fixes for .zmx import. Refactor GlassHandler to allow CODEV import to use as well.

Version 0.6.1

Interpret Zemax .zmx files as having UTF-16 encoding, with a fallback to UTF-8. Push classes in medium towards a common set of queries with opticalglass glass and catalog classes. Add trace_list_of_rays() specified by starting point, direction cosines and wavelength.

Version 0.6.0

Add import of Zemax .zmx files. Demonstrate access to collection of zemax files and use that to test import capability. Build a strong tie with opticalglass package, including drag and drop from a glassmap view to the layout, yybar and lens table views. Add x, y-toroids. Add a paraxial-based set vig calculation to Tools menu. Set up a protocol for aperture checking in the ray trace. Add conda installation via conda-forge.

Version 0.5.0

Refactor/repackage the optical subpackage into more manageable chunks. New subpackages include seq, raytr, parax, elem and oprops. The layout and diagram modules were moved from the gui subpackage to the elem and parax subpackages, respectively. The refactoring broke reading of existing .roa files; a preprocessing step was added in the roafile module to handle mapping the old structure to the new one. Documentation and Jupyter notebooks were updated to reflect the changes.

Version 0.4.12

Misc bug fixes and improvements: draw mirror substrates consistently, old .roa files should be resaved. Consolidate InteractiveFigure color and lw control in dicts, and retrofit layout usage to match diagrams.

Version 0.4.11

Add single field monochromatic PSF calc and display. Add dashboards for jupyter notebook usage for refocusing, etc. Revisions to app manager protocols for wider usage, esp. including matplotlib Figures. Use brute force OPD calc instead of equally inclined chords until eic behavior with decentered systems is fixed.

Version 0.4.10

Add add_from_file() method to OpticalModel to enable importing pieces of optical models to a master model. Include a Jupyter notebook demonstration.

Version 0.4.9

Add single panel refactoring of ray fan, spot diagram and wavefront map plots that are designed for use in a scripting environment.

Version 0.4.8

Bug fixes and doc improvements

Version 0.4.7

UI improvements. For Qt app, add light and dark mode, add zoom, and pan capabilities to InteractiveFigures, rework main menu bar. For Diagram, add object and stop shifts, lens thickness and bending, replace node with system option. Reorganize doc structure.

Version 0.4.6

Add SpecSheet capability. V2 of \(y-\overline{y}\) diagram with more editing capability

Version 0.4.0

Add initial version of Interactive Layout (Live Layout). Work in Progress…

Version 0.3.5

Update aperture import and layout rendering for y-z plane tilts and decenters

Version 0.3.0

Rework packaging using PyScaffold and Versioneer. Deploy documentation to ReadTheDocs

Version 0.2.0

first version of documentation support for rayoptics. continue refactoring

Version 0.1.5

separate qt gui files from mpl and generic ones. add rayoptics script to start qt version

Version 0.1.0

major update that reads CV files, supports Hoya, Ohara and Schott glass catalogs, computes paraxial and real rays, and has Qt UI for lens data table, 2D lens picture and glass map view.